Accessories for pig floors

rubber stripes

used as padding

 70 mm wide/ 5 mm thick


used as height adjusment

 70 mm wide/ 5 mm thick

grooved plastic boards

as protection against feedacids

  • 1220 x 2440 mm - 24 VA-srews/plugs

  • 1220 x 1220 mm - 12 VA-srews/plugs

  • 1220 x 810 mm - 10 VA-srews/plugs

gap caps

With the quick and easy use of gap caps for pig floors you reduce the gap proportion within a bay or the complete sty. That way one avoids possibly the complete exchange of the slats and also the complicated and time-consuming disassembly and assembly of the sty fittings. The installation of the gap caps is done in no time at all.


The gap caps are 465 mm long and are suited for all SUDING-Slatted Floors.
Delivery including 2 x VA-screws.